It is funny and comical though not fooling! In fact it’s a fun way to exercise the brain!

Museum Highlights

The trip through the museum starts with a brief tour and explanation from a staff member. The tour includes a brief overview of the Museum and the Trick Art Paintings and a quick tutorial regarding how to position yourself and your camera for the maximum effect of the illusions. Tutorial videos will also be played at major spots inside the museum and standees with instruction will be placed that will prepare the ‘observer’ for the battle of ART WAR.

  • India’s first 3D interactive “Trick Art” museum.
  • Participation of the observer is the key!
  • Rise of sensory Illusions, stimulation of brain and lots of excitement.
  • “Pleasure of being deceived” with different types of TRICK ART.
  • Can take Pictures, touch the exhibits, and laugh aloud.